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Collegiate a cappella

Collegiate a cappella (or college a cappella) ensembles are college-affiliated singing groups, primarily in the United States and, increasingly, the United Kingdom and Ireland, that perform entirely without musical instruments. The groups are typically composed of, operated by, and directed by students. In the context of collegiate a cappella, the term a cappella typically also refers to the music genre performed by pop-centric student singing groups. Consequently, an ensemble that sings unaccompanied classical music may not be considered an a cappella group, even though technically it is performing a cappella.

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Collegiate a cappella has been around forever, but lately it's been gaining notability from shows like The Sing Off and movies like Pitch Perfect. This is a perfect example of an a cappella group using a clever, innovative way to persuade others to apply to their school: a remake of All The Above by Maino ft. T-Pain. How much cooler can you get?!

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