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College soccer

College soccer is played by teams composed of soccer players who are enrolled in colleges and universities. While it is most widespread in the United States, it is also prominent in South Korea and Canada. The institutions typically hire full-time professional coaches and staff, although the student athletes are strictly amateur and are not paid. College soccer in the United States is sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the sports regulatory body for major universities, and by the governing bodies for smaller universities and colleges. This sport is played on a rectangular field of the dimensions of about 64m (meters) - 70m sideline to sideline (width), and 100m - 110m goal line to goal line (length).

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FSU, National Champions!

FSU women's soccer beats Virginia 1-0 to claim their first ever national championship!

Contributed by Lianna Farnesi

My soccer just one our opening game for districts. Soccer is most of our high school career. We not us? That is the question we are asking. Why not make it to state this year. Anything can happen.

Contributed by Taylor Truesdell

College soccer is VERY competitive compared to club and high school soccer. You have to be extremely dedicated and practice a lot. The coaches will not teach you how to do technical stuff like dribbling because you should practice that on your own time.

Contributed by Santino Thornton

fundamentals (how to kick)

Contributed by John Paul Hernandez

Highlights from USWNT v. S. Korea

Contributed by Victoria Davis

USWNT homepage

Contributed by Victoria Davis

Indi Cowie Freestyle on a Windy Day!

Contributed by Polly Carr

Indi Cowie Crossbar Challenge!

Contributed by Polly Carr

The best college soccer team ever! UNC

Contributed by Polly Carr

Any college soccer girl knows this is so true.

Contributed by Ashley King

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