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Organize T-Shirts in Drawer

Quick, Easy, and Simple. With this technique I got almost 3 times as many shirts and tanks in one drawer. Plus you can see the design of the shirts so you know what your pulling out.

Contributed by Leilani Hamilton

Student Discouts

Your Student Id is worth more than just an accessory or your ticket to lunch. Here are 40 stores with Student Discounts. Enjoy!

Contributed by Leilani Hamilton

Updated list. Save money as a college student.

Contributed by Bansi Patel

funny college stories

Contributed by Amazing Grace Matthew

Reasons 1 thru 34 why I hate group projects. There's always a miss match of work load split among members.

Contributed by Ozioma Nwofor

This is exactly how it feels lol

College is an experience that no one can really prepare you for or describe to you. But when you get there you will understand this picture.

Contributed by Ozioma Nwofor

When looking to pay for college, acknowledge the fact that you may not be able to. Not everyone gets to go to their dream school. However, do not give up hope. 1) Look for scholarships (like the one on this site) 2) Apply for Financial Aid 3) Assess Your Families Financial Decision and Look for Student Loans 5) Don't Give Up On Your Dream School Just Yet

Contributed by Amelia Beckerman

Every college student during a test...


Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi

Cost of College

But really..

Contributed by Kenadi Fitzgerald