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These helpful habits are sure to boost your GPA and self-esteem!

Contributed by Da'ani Jetton

Things you'll need!

The last thing you want is to arrive at college without these dorm essentials!

Contributed by Da'ani Jetton

Who said college school supplies can't be fun?

These binder covers are super cute and affordable for the college girl who loves personalization!

Contributed by Da'ani Jetton

If You Can Imagine

Words to live by!

Contributed by Adam Trujillo

Amazing Dorm Room

I want to have a dorm just like this! What an amazing place to live!

Contributed by Adam Trujillo

Ratios of College Residents vs Inmates

The blue states show a higher ratio of college residents to jail inmates, while the red states show the opposite. I wonder if this is because there are more arrests in the south in general, or if there are less people in college there. Either way, it seems wrong.

Contributed by Shayna Rose Horowitz

Blog about what to do before college.

Contributed by Kaitlin Giles

College: Expectations vs. Reality

This is so true! This site has the expectations that everyone has about college before they actually move in.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

An easy way to stretch your already empty wallet in college!!

Contributed by Emily Jennings

15 Items Every College Freshman Should Buy

This really helped to think outside the box of what to bring to college. Glad I found this list early!

Contributed by Leilani Hamilton