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If college was this easy...

Contributed by CeeCee Camps

Nobel Laureate says that women are distractions in lab

Tim Hunt, a Nobel laureate and honorary professor, recently stated that female scientists were romantic distractions in labs. He resigned from his professor position afterward. Sure some women might be romantic "distractions" and some might become upset when their work is criticized. But the same can be said of men. Furthermore, it takes two to have a romantic relationship so Hunt is at least partially at fault for not whatever frustration that he felt. Either way, I'm surprised that a renowned scientist would make such an absolutism on solely personal experiences. I suppose we are all only human after, subject to the same impulses and short temper.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Texas A&M Galveston Professor Irwin Horwitz Flunks His Entire Class

While there is certainly not enough information to prove what kind of behavior students exhibited and whether the "injustice" that the Professor felt warranted mass failure, this issue certainly highlights a big problem in higher education. Higher education is meant to enrich our learning; it is a privilege that many have to work for, not a guaranteed experience to help pave the way for employment. Students need to respect that, because if a professor thinks that he needs to fail everyone before the end of the class term, those students have to be doing something wrong.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang


I think that using a planner in college will help one to organize themselves better! I better get one when I start this fall! :P

Contributed by Leah Marie Ingreso Venenoso


When you are not getting anything done, you are just staring at your notebook, not reading, just staring.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


Become an expert in procrastination----Netflix!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Exam Week

This definitely how everyone feels as exam week approaches!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

I would have done this for Babson College, but I was accepted into a much cooler college ;)

Contributed by Kara Skinner

Getting into college 30 years ago: have good grades, write some decent essays, have 1-2 extracurriculars Getting into college now: Cure cancer, solve global poverty, be a rocket scientist Paying for college 30 years ago: work a summer job, maybe take out a few loans Paying for college now: which one of my organs is most valuable on the black market?

Contributed by Sara Staudt

Only 20 minutes!!

Too accurate!!

Contributed by Maile Starz