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A couple years back, I went to my high school's graduation. The valedictorian's speech was the greatest thing I've ever heard. He started and ended with this phrase: "I am only certain of one thing.....WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!"

Contributed by Noelle Lewandowski

We are all wanting to achieve such great things, but with such big ambitions we can not be waiting until our 30's to start working towards getting the things we want. Don't blow your sweet spot of learning in your 20's.

Contributed by Brittany Naugler

Famous college dropouts include Reggie Jackson, Steve Jobs, Ben Affleck, Woody Allen, Hans Christian Anderson, Dan Ackroyd, Kate Beckinsale, James Cameron, and Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook).

Contributed by Natalia Ar

The only way to survive ...

This seems accurate.

Contributed by Katie Fernandez

Who said it pays to get a higher education. Such as life.

Contributed by Patti Schmotzer