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When you first move into your dorm in college, you have a sort of liberating feeling because you are finally on your own and is considered an adult. But the one thing you have to remember, is not to make freshman year your last year. Here are some tips to accomplishing this; grab a piece of paper and write out your goals for the year and put in a place so that you can see everytime you wake up in the mornings, manage your time because you would not believe how time can flyby so fast that you do not relieaze that the exam your teacher told you about last week is tomorrow, and the last but not least is strive for perfect attendance in every class because some teachers would add your attendance to their final grades. Using these tips would help any incoming freshmen survive their first year of college.

Contributed by Antaje Aldridge

You've been told that colleges want well-rounded students who participate in sports, clubs, volunteering, and get good grades in honor classes. These were my achievements: Varsity soccer 3 yrs, Track state finalist, Cross Country state finalist twice, had a 3.9 GPA, board member of a volunteer club service for 3 years and was in 2 other clubs. That might sound dandy, but I almost didn't get the cut for college because my ACT/SAT scores were average (23). They might say they only take scores into account but that's a lie, it's the first thing they notice about you. So don't waste your time going all the way up to spanish 4 just to impress or any other ideas and focus on standardized tests, especially if you're a bad test-taker like me.

Contributed by Alexis Broyles