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36 Things Every College Student Should Know- Unconventional Uses for Conventional Things

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

The people who think education or college is least important they don't really know that education is the key to success, we shouldn't count the steps of stairways but should take our first step towards success, achievement of our goals and better future because life is like a book, every day is a new page, every month is a new chapter and every year is a new series. We should take advantage of opportunities we have and try to explore new things to make people realize what we r. Search for scholarships and other ways to pay for college, to earn a happy successful life :)

Contributed by Shazdeh Bukhari

High School everybody hung out with their certain "cliques". But in college your are very much alone. It is actually really hard to make friends. You actually have to be willing to make the first move, and introduce yourself. Most people in college just stand back, and that is just a horrible idea. Because the only friends you will have is your roommate, and they probably want you to spread your wings. In high school I was super shy, and didn't really have a best friend. But in college I keep telling myself to go and enjoy my time here! College is way different from high school, people just magically grow up. I was bullied for being half Hispanic, and in college they encourage diversity. I wonder why high school never did that sort of thing. Yes you may get to do what ever your heart desires, but in the long run it is such a great change. Just remember to keep a positive mind set on the whole thing. You will get a hang of college just like me. Oh, also, remember to have fun and try something new for a nice change.

Contributed by Christina Benitez

Can mine do this? Please?

Contributed by Eliana Armora


Follow those duck prints!

Contributed by Julie Moore

I'm in college full time and trying to raise money so I can complete my program. I'm 43 and back in school after 22 years of working hard as a waitress. I'm majoring in Theatre Arts and I'm 3 years into my BA transfer program. Financial aid is low and I have no one to help me now that my mother has passed. Click on my link and donate what you can! Thanks!

Contributed by Julie Moore

The University of Nevada Reno the perfect for college for someone looking for a great college experience. It is the perfect mix between a small town and large school. The school spirit is through the roof and the entire community seems to be involved. The greek life is mazing as well as the athletics. Ever heard of Collin Kaepernick...well he is a UNR alumni. Check the school out I promise it will not be a waste of time

Contributed by Kelsey West

Knowledge Is POWER!

Continuing your education is the key to success and all you have to do is try your best. Many people can motivate you to do well in school, but in all actuality, it's up to you to take matters in your own hands by controlling your own destiny. In order to become successful, you have to have an education. You can achieve greatness! Have faith, and the will to beat all odds.

Contributed by Davesha Doty

It may be hard for everyone to get into something, some people are just unable to find something they like, or find a time to do something they like. There might not even be a club for something they like.

Contributed by Kevin Tsai