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Coffee shop

Coffee shop can refer to:

Shops and establishments
  • Coffeehouse or café, an establishment where coffee is served
  • Coffeeshop (Netherlands), a place where cannabis products are sold and consumed
  • Coffee shop, in the U.S., a casual, popular-priced restaurant similar to a diner
  • Kopi tiam, a version of the coffee shops common in Singapore and Malaysia

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"If you work from home (or in a particularly unfriendly office), Coffitivity masterfully re-creates the sensation of being in a cheery coffee shop. The concept is simple: this site endlessly loops the white noise of people indiscernibly chatting and cups clanking at 40% volume, while you set your own background music at 60% volume. The result is a perfect mix of environmental stimuli that keeps you focused and productive."

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

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