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Rain Palette Clothing aims to provide an easy and poetic approach to...

Rain Palette is a line of clothing that has all been dyed using natural dyes. The dyes react to pH levels in the rainwater by changing color. The idea is that the person wearing this clothing can get real-time, accurate information about atmospheric air quality based on the color changes of the dresses. Learn more:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Labels and managers wanted her to dress a certain way, but talented singer Janelle Monae refused.

Contributed by Jasmine D. Roy

a must have

Contributed by Alexa Alyssa Labrada

So awesome!

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

This is Fabrican. It's a fabric that sprays from a can solidifying on contact with human skin to create bizarre looking clothes

Contributed by Katie Rose Palmer

weird right?

Contributed by Katie Rose Palmer

Made entirely of porcalin dishes

Contributed by Katie Rose Palmer

Video discussing why do we wear clothes

Contributed by Jeff Jorges

Dressing for an occasion? Check here

Contributed by Lois Tan

A slideshow compilation of some cute work out clothes by

Contributed by Cassie Leyba