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A clock is an instrument to measure, keep, and indicate time. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units: the day, the lunar month, and the year. Devices operating on several physical processes have been used over the millennia.

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Custom Clock with Photo Hands

Such a cute idea!

Contributed by Tess Chaffin

It's a quarter till whisk ;)

Contributed by Tatum Roberts

Omelette Pan Clock

I know it looks real, but please don't cook with it.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Really Original Clock

Contributed by Violetta Gir

DIY Photo Wall Clock

What you need: 12 photographs, printed 12 picture frames – I bought mine from the Dollar Tree. 12 nails 1 hammer Measuring tape, if you’re particular about spacing – I just eye-balled it. Standard clock movement kit- I bought mine from Hobby Lobby for $5.99 (without a coupon) Clock hands, in the style you prefer – Also from Hobby Lobby, and these cost $3.49 (without a coupon) Leftover Christmas box, optional Leftover wall paint, optional Scotch tape, optional

Contributed by Violetta Gir

Even the clock maker Thissen had his performance in the event of the Night Circus. The created for the Circus was a Performance in itself, Having the power of stopping the lone spectator in their tracks is sought after characteristic of a performer. All of its turns and geers, whimsical figures, and complicated phisique and schedule made it the standing reprensentation of the circus.

Contributed by Violetta Gir

Reassurance Wall Clock by Caleb Troy

Contributed by Violetta Gir

Objectify Grid2 Wall Clock With Numerals by Objectify Homeware

Contributed by Violetta Gir

This whimsical idea of combining something tangible with something doodled is sooo fun! Use the same concept on your next page by pairing something real with a doodle to create a complete image!

Contributed by Violetta Gir

Hoos O'clock What the....Fun time mod look.

Contributed by Violetta Gir

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