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Christmas tree

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My family's tree last year

We always use a synthetic tree and our ornaments are all different. My mom has given me and my siblings new ornaments each year that fit with our personality since we were little so we've never had any of the "stock" ornaments on our tree.

Contributed by Brianna Kay Colbert

A Shelton tree will become the Rockefeller Christmas tree for 2013

Contributed by Alice Yih

Tree Alternative

This is a fantastic alternative if you don't have enough space in your house/apartment/dorm to put a full size tree!

Contributed by Cate Mitchum

Isn't everything is better when it's edible? This website has awesome treat & craft ideas especially for the holidays!

Contributed by Evangeline Nguyen

Holiday Tree Decor!

This awesome blog has tons of ideas on creating a wonderful Christmas tree, whether its short or tall, skinny or fat, big or small, they have got it all

Contributed by Cate Mitchum