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Kelly Clarkson White Christmas

Contributed by Meghan Fanjoy

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the gifts, but I also love having the ability to give things to others. If I don't receive something, I am not upset because it is not about the getting, it is about the giving.

Contributed by Victoria Lea Moser

Get in the spirit of Christmas early this year! Lend a helping hand, and help us keep the true meaning of Christmas in our perspectives this year and every year!

Contributed by Kason Heaton

pikachu christmas tree

Contributed by Sae Souki

Christmas... Love.. Peace..& Family

Contributed by Chenelle Witty

How its made: Candy Canes ! Love the peppermint ones the best.

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

I really like these decorations on cars during Christmas. I think they're very cute. I believe some places have elf ears?

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

A warm and cozy fire by the Christmas tree

Contributed by Connor Goham

Americans spend on average $271 on Christmas gifts per child per year.

Contributed by Kerissa Bradley

Although a lot of people think it is the day Jesus was born no one knows for sure.

Contributed by June Ashley