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Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic with over 2.4 billion followers, or 33% of the global population, known as Christians. Christianity has played a prominent role in the shaping of Western civilization.

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All that's left is to find out for yourself the truth.

Contributed by Jonathan Eaton

Something to think about

This is a quote from Katie Davis, a Christian who is now living in Uganda and caring for many children... Also see: Thought some people can't adopt, you can sponsor children through various programs, writing letters to them etc... for example Compassion International, WorldVision...

Contributed by Madeline Johnson


Should be our mission everyday.

Contributed by Nicci Morris

This is a powerful skit about the journey for many teenagers living in the world today, facing distractions that pull us away from God, and how Jesus still loves us enough to save us from the sin. Take six minutes of your time to be blessed today! It's easy to relate to, which is why it's such a powerful message, especially for this generation!

Contributed by Juanita Harris

If you are going through anything, I encourage you to watch this. I don't care about the scholarship, my reward will be you watching this. Please just watch this!

Contributed by Hannah Marie Westphal

I believe with all my heart that everyone should know something. This is something that is definitely worth while. It has changed my life and I know it will change yours. You may think I am a perfect little church girl, but I am not. I am a broken church girl. My father abused us, everyone I trusted broke me over and over. This is not my point though. There's one constant in all of this, Christ. He was there for me and He can be there for you!

Contributed by Hannah Marie Westphal

When I think back and look in the New Testament, I don't remember Jesus saying that Christianity needs division for salvation. Its simply God's Word, not Baptist, not Southern Baptist, not even non-denom, it's just Bible. All that God had ever done and said, all within that book, and yet so many people conform it to what they want. Its not right. This is a Spoken Word by David Bowden called Diversity's Symphony, and gives reasoning where reasoning isn't often found anymore.

Contributed by Darien Deilami

This is a great anthem for all Christians. For more on the song and artist, please go to!

Audio Link

Contributed by Christine Ruff


This picture is a great summation of Christianity. It is titled "Forgiven."

Contributed by Christine Ruff

Rough breakdown of Christian denominational progression.

Christianity represents one of the most widely observed faiths in the world today. Over the 2000 years (approximately) since its inception, there have been many subgroups with doctrinal differences ranging from barely noticeable to seemingly irreconcilable. This chart does a decent job at the big picture- tracing the influences of some of the more notable denominations.

Contributed by Kyle Hawkins

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