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In Christianity, ministry is an activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith, the prototype being the Great Commission. 2003's Encyclopedia of Christianity defines it as "carrying forth Christ's mission in the world", indicating that it is "conferred on each Christian in baptism." It is performed by all Christians. This is distinguished from the "office of minister", to which specific individuals who feel a certain vocation. It can signify this activity as a whole, or specific activities, or organizations within a church dedicated to specific activities. Some ministries are identified formally as such, and some are not; some ministry is directed towards members of the church, and some towards non-members. See also Apostolates.

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Check out twisted twigs time line facebook 2010. make a great display

Contributed by Chris Briere

Mission Ghana W Africa 2006. This mission trip was taken to help in a school of 300 young women. Pastor David Christensen(Martha's vinyard), his wife Caroland Brother support the growth in the village of Takla and a lower village and continue to provide water for drinking to the region through well digging. My mission was to serve one on one providing individual care to the school assistants. the schools model is form 145:15 The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time

Contributed by Chris Briere

Missions Guatemala: the above picture is from 1998-2005 Mission trips where dentistry was and is still being done in the fall of the year. I see my work as a dental hygienist as a minister, here I give individual attention to a beautiful citizen who is made in god’s image. Communion (common union) is given in my mind as I find substitute in cotton (bread) and wine (water as body). I Have heard of such things as substitutes for Passover in the people who were encamped in WWII. There is always a blessing on these trips and to know God is watching us in the eye’s of those we serve.

Contributed by Chris Briere

(for young & mature adults) Apr 29, 2012 Biblical Reference Who Verse and order of the Acolyte Eph 6:10 (acolytes robe room) I put on THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD Matt 27:32 (crucifer 1) I bear THE CROSS OF JESUS Matt 5:16 (acolyte 2 & 3) I bear THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD Matt 21:10 (acolyte 1,2,3) We walk THE ROAD TO JERUSALAM Rev 7:15 (Is 6:1-3) (acolyte 1,2,3) We stand before THE THRONE OF GOD Col 3:13 (acolyte 1,2,3) We PRAY FORGIVENESS Ps 62:5 (acolyte 1,2,3) We find A RESTING PLACE Heb 4:12 (acolyte 1,2,3) We stand to HEAR THE WORD OF GOD Cor 1:4 (acolyte 1,2,3) We PRAISE GOD FOR HIS GRACE Matt 3:11 (acolyte 2) I give THE WATER FOR BAPTISM Matt 27:24 (crucifer 1) I give THE WATER TO WASH AWAY SIN Deu 16:17 (acolyte 3) I hold THE OFFERING AND TITHES 1 Cor 10:17 (crucifer 1) I give THE BREAD, THE BODY OF CHRIST Matt 26:28 (crucifer 1) I give THE WINE, THE BLOOD OF CHRIST 1 Thes 1:3 (acolyte 1,2,3) We gather FOR REMEMBERANCE 1 Cor 10:15 (acolyte 1,2,3) We gather FOR COMMUNION 1 Cor 10:16 (acolyte 1,2,3) We gather TO PRAY THANKGIVING Luke 14:27 (crucifer 1) I bear THE CROSS OF JESUS Eph 5:8 (acolyte 2,3) I bear THE LIGHT IF THE WORLD Luke 24:13 (acolyte 1,2,3) We WALK THE ROAD TO EMMAUS Eph 5:1 (acolyte 1,2,3) We walk HOME The above meditation can be used in a group or individually. An acolyte may choose to use any of these verses as a pre-service meditation or the crucifer may give one as a training experience for younger leaders. God has always had a purpose and order to His way. If you think through the service, it follow the flow of what each person as Acolyte is doing.. For Spiritual emphasis and significance may be appropriate to read aloud as acolytes 1,2 &3. Other readings may be added, However, the above reading represent a meditative thought. You may wish to consider one intention or line of verse per week while serving in the leadership role of Acolyte. Which one best represents you? Which one gives you the most meaning? Share with your fellow Acolytes. Briere 2012

Contributed by Chris Briere

Three Stones from DOKOW (Refrain) At the pilgrim’s mark I stand, To throw a stone, to remember. The tokens’ of visitors I ‘d suppose; That I should take one, Not throw, And remember. MARK one: (place a stone) The river face shines of coins, The wishes thrown at Dokow, Where students now fill the air Their comments and laughter Not so echoed in Past times. (Refrain) At the pilgrim’s mark I stand, To throw a stone, to remember. The tokens’ of visitors I ‘d suppose; That I should take one, Not throw, And remember. MARK two: (Place a Stone) Heavy this side of camp, This dark side of Dokow, Where memorial nuns of Carmelite order, Pray to their God, Not so echoed in Past times. (Refrain) At the pilgrim’s mark I stand, to throw a stone, to remember. The tokens’ of visitors I ‘d suppose; That I should take one, Not throw, And remember. MARK three: (Place a stone) Framed in rows of rock. Filled building footprints; Most of Dokow, Fresh air and laughter, NOW Memories before the war, (Refrain) At the pilgrim’s mark I stand, To throw a stone, to remember. The token of visitors I ‘d suppose; That I should take one… MARK: (remove the trinity) Not throw. And remember..

Contributed by Chris Briere

For as high as the heaven's above (see a dove?)

Contributed by Chris Briere

Festive Ferns gather early in the morning to Greet God's new Day

Contributed by Chris Briere

A Poetic moment: Greater then this rock I stand My Jesus hung by human hand. Cast to hell that we may be Witness to His eternity. Rising form polluted wake The saint of old He does partake To give a better view above That we unbound may know His love. Crippled those who cannot see My God, My God forsaken be. By grace a covered veil removed That all your Glory balms May sooth. Hold us on thy heavenly throne To live eternal, blessed and grown.

Contributed by Chris Briere

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