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Chord may refer to:

  • Chord (music), an aggregate of musical pitches sounded simultaneously
    • Guitar chord a chord played on a guitar, which has a particular tuning
  • Chord (geometry), a line segment joining two points on a curve
  • Chord (astronomy), a line crossing a foreground astronomical object during an occultation which gives an indication of the object's size and/or shape
  • Chord (graph theory), an edge joining two nonadjacent nodes in a cycle
  • Chord (aeronautics), the distance between the front and back of a wing, measured in the direction of the normal airflow. The term chord was selected due to the curved nature of the wing's surface
  • Chord (peer-to-peer), a peer-to-peer protocol and algorithm for distributed hash tables (DHT)
  • Chord (concurrency), a concurrency construct in some object-oriented programming languages
  • Andrew Chord, a comic book character who is the former mentor of the New Warriors
  • Chord Overstreet, American actor and musician

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In music, when you play a piano chord you can make a more advanced piano chord by adding color to the chord or adding more notes. For example, a C-major chord would consist of the notes C-E-G (the 1-3-5) by adding the Bb (the Flat 7th), or the D note (the 2) You can make super advanced chords, making you sound like an Amazing musician!!!

Contributed by Lester L. Bundrage

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