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Chocolate chip cookie

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Chocolate chip cookie, Nutella, Cookie dough, Oreos, Nutella, Chocolate chip cookie. . .this i what heaven looks like.

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Its a mini muffin, filled with chocolate chip cookie dough, topped with vanilla ice cream, topped with a mini chocolate chip cookie. . . . .*faints from shear deliciousness*

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

This is why i have a nasty sweet tooth now, cuz of beauty like this

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

The cookie looks like it isn't fully cooked on the inside. . .and i love it

Contributed by Anonymous

Nothing beats the classic. . .well, maybe.

Contributed by Anonymous

Is it just me, or does the gooey center make you drool?

Contributed by Anonymous

This just *sigh*. . .i'm in love

Contributed by Anonymous

Can we just take a moment to admire the beauty of this cookie. . . .now, lets double admire that its stuffed with an oreo.

Contributed by Anonymous

I believe people who do stuff like this deserve to be president

Contributed by Anonymous

It a chocolate chip M&M cookies, topped with small M&M cookies. . . . .i think im gonna cry

Contributed by Anonymous

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