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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (/ɪˈptl/, chih-POHT-lay) Canada, burritos. Its name derives from chipotle, the Nahuatl name for a smoked and dried jalapeño chili pepper. The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CMG.

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Here you will find the recipe to create the amazing taste of the pico de gallo at chipotle in the comfort of you own house. Remember you can always put your own twist to it but this is as close to the original as it gates. Enjoy:)

Contributed by Sadique Punja

Here you will find the ingredients and how to make grilled chicken that is up to par with the one you find at chipotle. Please bear in mind that it will not be the exact taste but a very close and similar grilled chicken after you go thru the recipe. I have posted about the rice and now you can make the chicken all you have to do is get the bowl or your flour tortilla ready and you are good to go. Enjoy :)

Contributed by Sadique Punja

Here you will find the recipe that will help you make the chipotle lime rice at home. This is a very good substitute for the original and very close in taste, but obviously not the original. Great item to try to cook at home if you are a Chipotle fan and save money along the way. Enjoy:)

Contributed by Sadique Punja

Halloween costume

Baby goals! Too adorable! (:

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

What a good company!

Dang it! Now I'm hungry!

Contributed by Josh Milligan

How this popular burrito started out

Contributed by Jamal Darien Nelson

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