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I am an only child that was diagnosed with SLE Lupus since the age of 8. I have been fighting Lupus for 9 years and I do not give up on my studies, even if I have many frequent appointments. I do not take this condition as a disability, but as a gift that has made me stronger and aspire to do many great things in life. It may be difficult dealing with it as times, but I am able to push myself through all of the sickness and continue living life to the fullest because one day I know I will make a difference, especially in the medical community, especially Hematology. This is because my health condition has helped me open my eyes and mind to not judge others, but to help the ones in need, the same way my family and I were supported throughout my hospitalization. In order for me to feel satisfied, I would want to "return the favor" and save countless children in the future by becoming a Pediatric Hemalogist-Oncologist.

Contributed by Itzel Perez

My Children are the little adults in my life they are the greatest things in my life.

Contributed by Angela Pike

Child Development

Contributed by Jeana Logue