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Chemistry Cat

laughing gas? resource:

Contributed by Brittany Jones

More chemistry jokes

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Chemistry Humor lol

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Chemistry Humor

Contributed by Mary Joseph

A video that tells the creation of the science from a historical perspective. It tells the story of how we went from alchemists to chemists, who understood the law of conservation of mass as proposed by a decapitated aristocrat, and explains how we came to have a greater understanding of how chemical compounds work and eventually a complete understanding of what atoms and molecules are.

Contributed by Ursula Bertram

Everything about us is molecules and elements, arranged in a way that makes everyone special and different.

Contributed by Victor Correa

This is my favorite Youtube channel. in this video they fill balloons with Hydrogen and perform the combustion. Not only is it fun, but it looks really amazing when filmed with a High Speed Camera. This is a very cool and neat way of seeing chemical reactions.

Contributed by Victor Correa

One of the things I love most is when you can do awesome things right at home. Detergent works by degrading protein in milk. This is a very important process in Biochemistry and it is used in many research techniques all around. Have fun!!!

Contributed by Victor Correa

We are made of atoms. Everything is, and it is incredibly amazing how they work to make your muscles move, your brain think, your computer work, in fact, pretty much everything around us. Even right now, as you are reading this, millions of complex and beautiful reactions are taking place in your body, in the air that your breathe, in the things that you eat or drink. Everything is chemistry, from your cat, dog, goldfish or hamster.

Contributed by Victor Correa

Caesium in water. rxn

Contributed by Anthony Lebario