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This video is very motivating and gives you a desire to want to cheer. It gives you the chills just watching it!

Contributed by Amanda Matthys

Cheerleading is a sport!

Contributed by Brooke Calamari

UCF has been the state champions many times! They have an awesome team

Contributed by Courtney Lindsay

Helpful hints for cheer tryouts!

Contributed by Caralyn Ordonez

This is a link to an article that talks about the history of cheerleading and how it has come to where it is today.

Contributed by Caralyn Ordonez

One of the main components to being apart of competitive cheerleading, tumbling. One of the main things that Cheerleading squads look for at a tryout is one's tumbling ability. The higher the level of cheerleading one aspires to be apart of requires a higher level of difficulty of tumbling.

Contributed by Alison Doran

How to prepare for cheerleading tryouts

Contributed by Alexandra Breed