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This is a YouTube playlist that has some instructional videos on gymnastics. My high school cheer team didn't do much with gymnastics and these videos helped me so much with my college cheer tryouts! I highly recommend to watch these if you need help with ANYTHING gymnastics side of cheerleading related! Good luck!

Contributed by Nicole Evans

Cheer Athletics is a cheerleading gym in Plano Texas. I became interested in this team because one of my favorite all star cheerleaders , Jamie Andries has cheered on this team for about 3 years now. They are 2 time world champions, and this video shows their most recent performance at Worlds, where they placed 2nd.

Contributed by Leah DiMartino

For all of the cheerleaders wanting to become a collegiate cheerleader you must know what to expect once you dedicate your life to your coaches. I currently cheer at NC A&T SU, this will be my second year on the varsity squad and i came in as a freshman. Once you become a collegiate cheerleader you do more than just cheer at a football game, your whole community is now looking up to you. There has been numerous amount of little girls come up to me saying how they want to be just like me when they grow up. Once you're on the team you have an image to keep up, meaning you can not do ANYTHING to make your team look bad, don't take any bad pictures showing any part of your body, holding any drinks or doing something you wouldn't want your parents to see you doing. Also you must conduct yourself properly, you are the image of a university now and you must always look and act your best. Keep in mind the better you act the more money your university will be willing to give to the program. Next, collegiate cheerleaders one we travel for games so you must keep up with your own school work by yourself, you are a student first. Prioritize your time correctly know that when you are making your schedule that you have practice at a certain time on days so you know you can not have a class at those times. Lastly rely on your team, throughout the year trying to juggle everything that will be placed on your plate is going to be difficult but as long as you rely on your team for assistance then everything will run smoothly, they are your family and they are their to help you including your ALUMNI. Other than that being a collegiate cheerleader is super fun, i hope you enjoy your year.

Contributed by Cee Cee Tamika

I have been a football player my entire life and following my senior season I decided to try cheerleading. I thought it was for sissy guys that like to yell into megaphones but I quickly learned that there is way more to the sport of cheerleading. I instantly fell in love with the sport and was determined to learn how to perform the elite stunts as shown in the video. In less than a year since I started cheering I tried out and made the University of Central Florida cheerleading team. It is the hardest as well as the most enjoyable sport I have ever participated in and want others to realize how awesome it is!!

Contributed by Ryan Schuffert

If you're a High school cheerleader and you want to cheer in college do your research! There are a lot of colleges that require certain abilities in order to join their team. Some require tumbling from a round off back handspring to a standing full. Others require specific body health, for example, you may have to be a certain weight or as most places phrase it "peak physical condition for your height and body type", Check what your college wants and work for it.

Contributed by Shantel Cordova

Cheerleaders count for 50% of fatal sports injuries alone, that proves there is more physical contact with cheerleading than any other sport. We have to throw people into the air, tumble, cheer and dance. You may not think that cheerleading is a sport when in reality our bodies undergo more tension than most sports players.

Contributed by Cee Cee Tamika

This site is the National Cheerleading Association website, and it contains safety tests, coach qualifications, camp events, tips to help you become a better cheerleader, tips on how to become a better leader, and much more.

Contributed by Cheyenne Carter

If you're a cheerleader and you've never heard of Kiara Nowlin get your life.

Contributed by Alexus Cole

This is Campbell's first year going to nationals. So much hard work and dedication was shown on that mat that night and I am so proud to have been on the team, the first time to go to competition and rank!

Contributed by Bre Rice

Awesome basket toss trick!

Contributed by Rachel Gonzalez