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Cheerleaders go through all kinds of stuff to get where the get to compete. Hard work and detection is a must! Counting on your team to get you through it! Cheerleading is not just a sport its a way of life!

Contributed by Ashlyn Day

Cheerleading is a sport that takes lot of hard work and time just like any other sport. It is not lesser then any other sports. This video shows many cool tricks cheerleaders do! It's really amazing!

Contributed by Ashlyn Day

Cheerleading was honestly my life in high school, I didn't do it in college for various reasons. The main thing you need to know about High School Cheerleading is that you need to have your heart in it, you need to be there for you, your team, the team you're cheering for, the fans, 100% all the time! If your heart isn't in it, you shouldn't join just to be social, you need to have a love for the sport. Have fun too! and good luck at making the team!

Contributed by Irene Simons

cheerleading is a sport. Working hard and perfecting stunts, tumbling and dance routines isn't easy. Cheerleading takes a lot of time and commitment.

Contributed by Kalena Rodriguez

People need to stop making stereotypes about cheerleaders.

Contributed by Oscar Holguin

Orlando Allstars Royals 2013 Music

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Contributed by Courtney Walsh

Penn & Teller episode on cheerleading

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

It is very common for cheerleaders to be seen as annoying, stupid, too out going or preppy, rude, bratty, insert whatever stereotype you want to here. It is depicted in shows and movies all the time. All though, sure some girls on cheer may act this way, not all do. More don't. Just because you are a cheerleader does not mean you need to live up to that sort of stereotype, actually that would be more like living down. I have seen many a girls make the cheer squad and all of a sudden change their personality. That is not how it should work. At cheer camp everyday we had to list ways we can change the way cheerleaders are viewed. Be nice, don't have cliques, include everyone, don't be scared to act nerdy from time to time, and so on. If one girl starts it, it will spread and cheerleaders will finally have a good image!

Contributed by Cortney Twila Houston

Competitive cheerleaders are the best!

Contributed by Destinee Chambliss

This video is the perfect way to see what the sport of cheerleading really is.

Contributed by Megan Moure