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We've got two minutes and thirty seconds to show 'em what we've got. Leave it all on the mat!

Contributed by Courtney Schlup

I am just in awe of them!!!

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

A helpful introduction to cheerleading extension stunts. This video shows how to properly perform an extension stunt while also giving many helpful tips.

Contributed by Aly Klein

Cheerleading is a sport

Contributed by Roxanne Guerndt

This is probably one of those most interesting things I've seen in a while. She is very talented (and in more than one sport)!

Contributed by Megan Turner

Story of cheerleaders life

The way different people look at our sport!

Contributed by Ashlyn Day

Remember the name!

100 % a sport

Contributed by Ashlyn Day

Enough Said

Cheerleading takes a lot

Contributed by Ashlyn Day

It's my passion!

Contributed by Ashlyn Day

I have been a cheerleader for almost 4 years. It is by far the best experience of my life. People may think its very easy but in reality its a lot harder than it looks. I have loved being a cheerleader mostly because you get to meet so many people and learn so much.

Contributed by Victoria Guidry