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Belly Rubs?

This is my kitty (kitten: name for a baby cat) Macy. Ever since she was little, she would lay belly up. It's so tempting to reach down and rub her pink belly, but cats actually do not like to be given belly rubs. When one rubs the stomach of the cat, they tense up and and become alert. In some cases, they may also even bring out their claws and try to push the person petting them off. Although cats do not like being rubbed on their stomachs, they love to be scratched behind their ears, their head, and along their back.

Contributed by Lela Diz

Calico Lying On Its Back

This is a calico cat that lives (or at least used to live) in our neighborhood that I saw on a walk back in 2012. I think it either wanted a belly rub or just attention.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

In deep thought

What is life?

Contributed by Samantha Maureen

This is a video about a man bringing home his kitten. Two months later, the man discovered his kitten loves to cause trouble and playfully bite him. This is a great video to watch how a friendship between a person and a cat developed over a period of time.

Contributed by Samantha Maureen

my favorite

cat perfection

Contributed by Grace Miller

I just want to be together, I go where you go.

Contributed by Hope Wirta

I got a mancoon for free a month ago and the kitten of 6months old is already at 20lbs!!! SOSOSOSOSOS hahaha help us!!

Contributed by Amanda Sauer


Having baby birds in the house is a big temptation.

Contributed by Krystal D. M. Bennett

Cuteness for the day

I want to cuddle with this cute little kitty and take a nap!

Contributed by Emily Brown