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Animal Planet used to have a show called "The Most Extreme". An episode would have some sort of category like "smelliest" or "best disguises" and they would count down from 10 to 1, 1 being the "most extreme". They had an episode of "The Most Extreme Cats". They counted down 10 to 1, having cats like lions, tigers, and panthers. They get to the Most Extreme #1 and what is it? It's a house cat. Their reasoning was that house cats essentially have us trained to do whatever it is they want us to do. Although it makes sense and I understand it more now, at the time I watched it I was pretty let down.

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This cat looks mean! But he's just yawning :) He's actually super sweet. He's a Burmese cat, a breed originally raised with monks and knows as the dogs of the cat world because of how companionable they are.

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When embarrassed, cats will lick their lips. Something to look for when your cat misses a jump, falls off a ledge, etc.

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Cats Crime Scene

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Love it!

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I wish my dad did this to me-.-

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Random fact about cats: most of them are left-pawed.

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love cats

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