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Lovely sleepy cats

Contributed by Carolin Cruz

I hope I am lucky. Cats are very special to me, I have 3. I am now attending college and was told I never would be able to do so again. I had a right front temporal lobectomy back in 2002 and was told I would never learn, comprehend or do anything on my own again. I raised my sons and went back to college so I proved them wrong. Now I have been excepted in the Human Service Program and I know I can do this with the help of the Lord. Thank you

Contributed by Tina Marie Rice Geiger

Cats and their boxes... It's neat that even the big cats do this.

Contributed by Keri Potter

This is one of the cutest cats I've done petsitting for. She loves to just cuddle up all day and all night with you.

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

World's 20 Most Beautiful Cats. My personal favorites are the Turkish Angora, Ocicat, Turkish Van, and the Somali cat.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Here's a great infographic with information about cats! Lots of useful, interesting bits here. Did you know cats can't properly digest cow's milk, or that they can make over 60 sounds? Neither did I.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

At this link you can find 99 Interesting Facts about Cats. Including: - Cats do not like sweets (but dogs do). - Cats are the most popular pet in North America. - Cats can run up to 31mph.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

Cat Beards: Classier than your average handlebar

Contributed by Danielle Dowdy-Alexander

Cat Shaming, when cat parents write out their cats' crimes on a piece of paper and take a picture of their cat with the description of the crime. Typical kitty stuff any cat person would know about, but very funny.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Jamie Aebersold visited my school last semester. (He is in the Jazz Hall Of Fame for his work in helping musicians with their improvisational skills.) He handed out a free catalog and this was the cover.

Contributed by Keri Potter