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Henry nom noms shoes

Why do cats love playing with shoes? At least he didn't rip them apart ...

Contributed by Katie Fernandez

This reminds me of my cat, Henry. Always being a jerk.

Contributed by Katie Fernandez

What a classy guy!

What's cuter than a cat in a bow tie?!

Contributed by Jenn Noseworthy

An old video featuring cats boxing from 1894 filmed in Thomas Edison's Black Maria Studio

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Miss Kitty

This is a picture of my cat named Miss Kitty rolling around in the grass.

Contributed by Lindsey Howes

Watch to the very end. That cat's reaction at the end of the video is just priceless!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Just look at the way the cat comes in midway through the video and blocks her doing yoga!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone