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Captain D’s is a U.S.-based chain of fast casual seafood restaurants specializing in seafood and their first one opening in Donelson, Tennessee, on August 15, 1969. Known originally as Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers, Captain D’s changed its company name to Captain D’s Seafood in 1974 to focus more exclusively on its classic fish and chips, shrimp and side dishes.

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Captain D's is actually a very family orientated old-fashioned restaurant that has recently incorporated newer aged styled meals to spice up the original meals on the menu! I personally would've never walked in to Captain Ds to eat until after working there. It's not advertised the way a Burger King is or McDonald's, It's advertised as a full seafood restaurant that offers full meals for low prices. Being a cashier/cook/waitress at Captain D's allowed me to realize how much the people who work there put in to correctly making the food and making sure the customers are happy. We were always quick and ready to do any and everything to make our customers proud. If you haven't eaten there before, you should try it!

Contributed by Diamond Divine Wilson

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