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Don't try this at home!!!!

Contributed by Mayiah Pyiah

Did you know, before candy was packaged like it is today, people satisfied their sweet tooth by eating honey from beehives! This dates back all the way to around 6000 Bc.

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

Brigadeiro, a very decadent Brazilian candy Instructions to make are at Just be Happy:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Temperatures at sea level Stage Cold-water Test 230*-234*F Thread Syrup dropped from spoon spins 2-inch thread 234*-240*F Soft ball Syrup can be shaped into a ball but flattens when removed from water 244*-248*F Firm ball Syrup can be shaped into a firm ball which does not flatten when removed from water 250*-266*F Hard ball Syrup forms hard ball, although it is pliable 270*-290*F Soft crack Syrup separated into threads that are not brittle 300*-310*F Hard crack Syrup separated into hard, brittle threads

Contributed by Alexandra Breed