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I love the game and I love the cake as well!!!!!

Contributed by Tara Teriipaia

Anyone want a cake like this?!

Contributed by Angela Loomis

This is the best type of reading to do! What do you think?!

Contributed by Angela Loomis

This is for all the T-bone steak and cake fans! Mouth=WATERING!

Contributed by Angela Loomis

Who wants some cake?

Contributed by Carolin Cruz

Butter or oil can be replaced with applesauce or banana puree or any fruit puree (depends on the flavor you are going for). Sugar can be substituted with Stevia (non-sugar, all natural alternative), brown sugar, honey, or agave nectar. Whole eggs can be substituted with egg whites. Instead of white flour, go for whole wheat flour! Happy Healthy Baking!!!

Contributed by Elaine Elizabeth Saugar

Looks like a cheeseburger; tastes like a cake.

Contributed by Natalie De La Cruz

One of my favorites I've done... this is a grooms cake for a friend of mine who is obsessed with x-box.

Contributed by Tim OBrien

A graduation cake I did for a friend for graduating medical school.

Contributed by Tim OBrien

A groom's cake I did for a friend of mine...he's a lawyer.

Contributed by Tim OBrien