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I find this interesting because I have always wanted to make a cake that looked like food. I've always sat in the background and watched as these amazingly complex cakes were being made and I found all the minute details to be extremely intriguing.

Contributed by Tierra Jb Sweettea

You girls like wearing corsets? What about eating one?

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Snitches get eaten? no? ok, well here is a tribute to Harry Potter, and it's very well crafted

Contributed by Joseph Perry

it's a green dragon cake.

Contributed by Joseph Perry

cute isn't it?

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Stargate Portal

some cakes you just wanna look at but you can't because someone else may eat it and you may not get a piece

Contributed by Joseph Perry

anybody like nyan cat?

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Wedding Cake

Pretty sure I will be having a Batman cake at my wedding,

Contributed by Kellymarie Perez-Cruz

Just a little inspiration from some creative cakes obviously decorated by some very skilled people

Contributed by Lily Wangler

Red Velvet/Cinnamon Layer Cake

Contributed by Denisse Sesatty