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Butterfly (disambiguation)

A butterfly is a flying insect.

Butterfly or butterflies may also refer to:

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The Beautiful Butterfly

If I was an insect I would be a butterfly because of all their wonderful qualities. I have always been fascinated with butterflies and have done a good amount of research on them. Just as each individual is unique, so are butterflies. Many people think that the butterfly’s only purpose is to fly around pollinating and look beautiful, when in fact; the butterfly’s purpose is much more. Butterflies facilitate and assist in carrying on life, delivering nourishment to other creatures. They are not destructive, poisonous, noisy or annoying. They do not deliver allergic reactions or death but represent the never-ending cycle of life, the mind and our ability to change. They are considered a miracle of transformation and resurrection as my past mistakes and failures have been transformed. Butterflies are colorful, graceful and intelligent and extremely adaptable to their environment; free spirits without the constraints of their peers symbolizing love, freedom, joy and transformation. The butterflies dance symbolizes the need for change, and awakens a sense of lightness and joy reminding us to get up and move, for if you do not move, you cannot dance. I am a free-spirit much as the butterfly, dancing to my own beat and not following the rest. The butterfly’s attraction to flame and light symbolize purification much as I want my actions to be continually purified. Just as the butterfly can be an encouragement to humans to be more successful, to be ensnared in the status quo, to develop sensitivity to the energies around us, to strengthen ourselves, to be less wasteful and keep our demands small, and to do a little at a time to ensure greatness over time, I strive to communicate this in every aspect of my life. Through metamorphosis, the butterfly communicates that we must shed the old before we can come into the new; new ideas, activities, or qualities need to be creatively shaped, developed and honed in order to lay a new foundation. The butterfly can help you examine your life, help you lighten up and make changes when opportunities present themselves or to let go of old behavior and begin next phase of your life. I want to be the butterfly because I want my life to be an example to others much as the butterfly is and represent to others all the qualities the butterfly represents to me; to reflect a continual metamorphosis.

Contributed by Beth Young

I'm a sucker for unusual facts!

Contributed by Elizabeth Noel Lewis

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