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Stop bullying

would you wear one?

Contributed by Cassie Loether

Stop bullying

let's put an end to bullying

Contributed by Cassie Loether

Stop bullying

You are worth so much more then the words and actions that are hurting you.

Contributed by Cassie Loether

Help stop bullying

Speaking up for that one person could put an end to all their worry.

Contributed by Kalie Watson

A Deeper Look at Hangman

Don't say the wrong words.

Contributed by Le Hoang

A French anti bullying commercial that shows the "adult form" of bullying--basically, coworkers being mean to a man in a workplace rather than in school--to help adults understand what their children might go through. It brings bullying into a different perspective.

Contributed by Le Hoang

This video states all the facts about bullying and the negative effects it has on students.

Contributed by Brittany Vanden Heuvel

Not only is bullying recognize by society, but it has also become very known in the dance community. The Organization is a dance team located in Orange County and this performance shows the abuse of a little girl from an older man. This may not seem like bullying, but the true definition of it can be felt on that stage. This also highlights bystanders. In the beginning, none of the other dancers would reach out to help her, but towards the end, they all joined together, stopping him from abusing her. Not only do we need to be aware of this issue, we need to stop being a wallflower and take action. If we can accomplish that, we are not just another man.

Contributed by Mary Talampas

Just beautiful! This anti-bullying video/poem really puts things into perspective. GO WATCH IT!

Contributed by Xeena Arcia

People never think how their words can hurt people and how the people they say it to makes them feel well maybe people can understand by this video watch and see.

Contributed by Rachel Gwizdala