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Brooke Fraser

Brooke Gabrielle Fraser Ligertwood, better known as Brooke Fraser (born 15 December 1983), is a New Zealand singer and songwriter best known for her hit single "Something in the Water", released in 2010. Fraser released two studio albums What to Do with Daylight (2003) and Albertine (2006) through Columbia Records before signing a recording contract with Wood + Bone. Her third studio album, Flags was released in 2010 and it is her most successful album to date. Her most recent album, Brutal Romantic, was released in November 2014 through Vagrant Records. She is one of the top selling and most popular New Zealand recording artists of all time: her albums were certified 15× Platinum. Fraser is also a member of the Christian music group Hillsong Worship and was songwriter and lead vocalist for the Grammy winning song "What a Beautiful Name" which was credited under her married name Brooke Ligertwood.

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The song “Scarlet” by Brooke Fraser is a song that will bring me to tears if I listen to it. It doesn’t matter where I am, or what I am doing, the song will break me down. This is because I listened to this song in the dark of my room every night when I was in the dark with myself. I was mentally sick at this time. I was depressed and hated myself. I had cut myself listening to this song. They are the lyrics I will never forget. I cried and cried on these nights, I would close my eyes as hard as I could, hoping to not see what I have done to myself. I would force the tears I had left out because it was all i knew. Now, I listen to the song and reminisce on who I was, and was this beautiful song reminded me of.

Contributed by Taylor Fern

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