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Who knew that Neil Patrick Harris & Stephen Colbert had it in them. Love this show ♥

Contributed by Jon Juwon Harris

While Broadway ticket prices have risen to astronomical levels in the past few years, if you're savvy, theater-going can certainly be affordable. How? Well, many theaters have adopted Student and General rush policies. All you have to do is go to the box office on the day of shows (Check the show's/theatre's website to see what time it opens so that you can get there early and increase your chances) and ask for rush tickets. Now, not all shows will have them: some shows are already sold out, some do "lottery", still others simply do not offer them. However, chances are that, if you're there early enough, you can get tickets for (mostly) any show (barring the REALLY popular ones - Wicked, Book of Mormon, Pippin. However, for those, you can always try the "lottery"! Not as likely, but definitely worth a shot. I had friends win BoM tickets first try.) For more info, check out the above website. It will outline whether a show has rush tickets, and how much they cost. Happy hunting!

Contributed by Jonathan Acorn

This is one of my favorite musicals ever! I hope you have some laughs with this

Contributed by Ann Baldridge

All of these are tearjerkers! Beware!

Contributed by Ann Baldridge

Watched this movie in my performing arts studio- it's long but it's so great! We seriously learned so much from it!

Contributed by Callie Thompson

1) The Phantom of the Opera 2) Cats 3) Chicago (revival) 4) Les Miserables 5) The Lion King 6) A Chorus Line 7) Oh! Calcutta! 8) Beauty and the Beast 9) Rent 10) Mamma Mia!

Contributed by Nathan Graham

Cats has grossed Broadway the most amount of money than any other Broadway show, over $600 Million.

Contributed by Kerissa Bradley

The Phantom of the Opera is now considered the longest running broadway musical.

Contributed by Stefany Marcus

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