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Ever wonder?

Ever wonder what our brain does all this time when we are just sitting around? It is really an amazing thing, so many thoughts, reactions, emotions, movements, mandatory functions, etc. that our brain does. Think about it?! I'm sitting here typing all of this and at the same time my mind is thinking of the next words, sending signals and receiving signals from all over my body, as well as checking spelling errors! We are amazing humans. Amazing creatures... an amazing gift from God! USE IT

Contributed by Ally Emily Feng-Ying Bork

This song by Aaron Wolf is a silly but effective way to help you learn and memorize the different parts of the brain. It truly helped me with my psychology final! Lyrics are below: This is a song about parts of the brain I'm singing it to memorize the names The ideas here may be simplistic but matching meaning and rhyme is a tough logistic The Cerebral Cortex has four main lobes With names from the nearby skull bones Frontal does the thinking Occipital deals with vision Parietal senses objects and Temporal listens Inside these lobes there's specialties Like Broca's Area which produces speech Wernicke's area handles language comprehension and the Motor Cortex is for moving with intention The Sensory Cortex handles perception of touch, pain, temperature and proprioception There's two outer brain parts that are distinct They may seem separate, but everything's linked The Cerebellum does balance & coordination and has our memorized-movement archive The Brainstem sets heartbeat & respiration and other things that we need to survive The brain's inner parts are unique cut the Corpus Callosum to take a peek the Thalamus handles signal routing and the Amygdala's emotions can have you shouting the Hippocampus does our long-term memory saving and the Hypothalamus makes our sex and food cravings The Anterior Cingulate Cortex learns from mistakes and in controlling movement, the Basal Ganglia is the brakes The brain parts list is much longer, indeed But for my class assignment this is all I need

Contributed by Reilly Mask

Functions of the Brain

Which parts do what?

Contributed by Kelsey Stewart

The beauty of the brain

Contributed by Ariee Flor

I wonder why we think the way we think.... I know it sounds crazy, but i wonder why we think the most outrageous things we think. I not talking about the things we say out loud, but the things we daydream about.

Contributed by Richarda Baddazx Braboy

As those who invest in dream dictionaries can attest, dreams almost never represent what they actually are. The unconscious mind strives to make connections with concepts you will understand, so dreams are largely symbolic representations.

Contributed by Natalie Marie Colavincenzo

This. Is. Fascinating. USC Berkeley has been able to essential tap into the visual cortex of the human brain, and reconstruct an image the participant saw. They could possibly use this to interpret dreams and work with stroke or coma patients, which would be an incredible breakthrough in the medical world. I can't wait to see where this technology will take us.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

Even when you don't realize it, your brain recognizes every grammatical error.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Studies have shown that social media like twitter and Facebook stimulates the human brain to produce dopamine (the same chemical released during sex). No wonder we are all addicted!!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

This is an inspiring story about Cameron and how she is living her life with only half a brain. Incredible survival story!

Contributed by Alyssa Green