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Video games in themselves can be considered to be much like a class where depending on the game you can test your skills or test your mind when it comes to strategy rpg's. When a person learns the way a video game works or a certain aspect of a video game the best way to see if the player truly learned it is to give them a boss battle. What most video game bosses are meant to be are like exams in the game or something along those lines. In most games once the game has displayed or given a certain amount of information about the game play they will test the player to make sure that they have the concept down by placing a boss in the game that will require the player to utilize what they learned in order to beat the boss. For example in nearly all of the legend of Zelda games in nearly all of the temples the character link will be given a new weapon to help them complete the dungeon as well as contain some secondary uses as well. As a recurring theme in the legend of zelda game they will have the boss of the dungeon be only able to be defeated by somehow utilizing the weapon that was given to you earlier. The further thought of it all is the the final bosses of the video game is not only the climax of the video game but also a test of everything that you have learnt through out the entire game. Skills and abilities will all be used regardless of how you favor them they will all be used in the final exam of the game. Much like in the legend of Zelda Twilight Princess In the final battle against ganon you are force to use all types of battles, one battle in your wolf form one on your horse epona, and two with the sword to sword combat. To make in through the final game. So in a sense for every video game that you can play it is like you are taking a class.

Contributed by Sammy Pluviose

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