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When you read it is key to NOT think about finishing. The important thing is what you take away from the words on the page. Visualize what the writer wants to change, what statement they are trying to get you to hear, and as you read you'll find yourself answering that question in many ways. Make the book about your life, make it personal!

Contributed by Renee Sophistra Browne

The Emperor of all Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee

Contributed by Phuong Tran

Here is the link to titles and descriptions:

Contributed by Reilly Mask

The 7 Book Series

This series created my childhood and has taught me lessons I will continue to learn from and apply for the rest of my life.

Contributed by Rachna Singh

I never thought libraries could have fun things about them but I was proved wrong with this list!!!

Contributed by Faith Faceson

These books are beautiful :)

Contributed by Jamie Caron

Time dilation, this is a new idea for this author... :)

Contributed by Jamie Caron

Book Lesson: you must first be ready to give up something if you wish to receive something in return...

Contributed by Jamie Caron

Anyone else here read manga?

Contributed by Jamie Caron

Only way to truthfully enjoy this... Graphic novel style...

Contributed by Jamie Caron