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Bola Shareef

Bola Shareef is an important town in municipal committee of Hadali, of Khushab District in Punjab province of Pakistan. It is part of Khushab tehsil. Bola is famous for its waan. The word wan means a well in the Punjabi language. The word wan means water well referring to Baoli, built by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century. He built similar structures on every route his army followed. This Baoli was a source of fresh water not only for humans but it was built in a way that animals as huge as elephants could go down to drink water directly from the well. The people started settling in the area due to availability of fresh water.The "Baoli" (water well) is still there, though water wells are no more in use and the condition of the Well is deteriorating. Appropriate measures should be taken to preserve the Well as a historical monument. First tribe which settled there was "Bhood Tribe".Sumbali,Bochal,kalyar,wadhal,Mahjer, syed and Jethal are famous tribe of Bola.

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