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Human body shape is a complex phenomenon with sophisticated detail and function. The general shape or figure of a person is defined mainly by the molding of skeletal structures, as well as the distribution of muscles and fat. Skeletal structure grows and changes only up to the point at which a human reaches adulthood and remains essentially the same for the rest of his or her life. Growth is usually completed between the ages of 13 and 18, at which time the epiphyseal plates of long bones close, allowing no further growth (see Human skeleton).

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Based on recent studies in my Conditioning class, I've come to terms with various ways to classify body composition and type. Based on the depictions above, there do exist scientific terms for a certain body comp. , which include mesomorphs, ectomorphs, and endomorphs. To keep this suttle and short, mesomorphs are individuals who appear to be predominately muscle, endomorphs are rounded(in men), hour-glass shape in women, and last ectomorph is someone primarily linear(i.e. female athletes such as track stars). To apply this, look the the very first individual here she is listed as having an hour glass shape meaning she is predominately an endomorph. However, more than one body composition type can apply. So apply these terms to colleagues and 'm sure they'd be impressed.

Contributed by Victoria Neet

Hour Glass Bodies For those lucky to get that much desired hour cup body shape, there are many choices in relation to swim suits. Single piece match with a striking color can have off these curves along with low minimize bust swim suits. When it comes to two piece suits, halter tops look great with this body shape. Make sure you get bra sized swimming wear with enough support to the bust.

Contributed by Kelsey Stewart

Apple shaped body This are generally bodies which has a larger midst area compared to the shoulders and hips. A solid color leading and patterned bottom can make you appear more balanced. One piece swimwear with collects in the abdomen area and tummy control will help determine your midsection area.

Contributed by Kelsey Stewart

Different Body Shapes

This picture is great for identifying your own body shape, because 1. there are more than the 4 basic choices (and as we all know, there are way more than 4 actual body types), and 2. the image shows real women, not exaggerated sketches of fruit

Contributed by Reilly Mask

Your best feature is your breasts and shapely lower legs. so show off your great bustling and legs by showing a little cleavage and wearing heels. Try out tops with a square or rectangular cut that stops just bellow the waist, it will conceal your tummy. Another top to try is ones with asymetrical hemlines, you can also incorporate this with your skirts. Burmuda shorts are great because they stop at the knee and bare the lower part of your leg. wearing angular seaming and seperates are a good way to brake up your body line. when dressing up a skirt and top may be a better choice than a dress. the individual pieces will be a better custom fit for your top and bottom halves and normally more flattering. Wrap tops and halter dresses are great for your shape because they create an X across your middle. this will minimize your torso with its diagonal lines.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

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