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The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community (or as a collection of connected communities) or as a social networking service in which everyday authors can publish their opinions. Since the term has been coined, it has been referenced in a number of media and is also used to refer to the Internet.

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Crochet Concupiscence: Niche Crochet Blog

Inside Crochet shares "blogs we love" to help keep this niche of the blogosphere connected. Crochet Concupiscence has been named in "blogs we love". Inside Crochet shares: "Kathryn Vercillo became hooked on blogging when she was paid to write a blog for a tech business in 2005. “I didn’t really know anything about blogs before that but I quickly fell in love with the immediacy of the medium. I started several of my own blogs over the years, including Crochet Concupiscence."Launched in January 2011, Kathryn Vercillo started Crochet Concupiscence as a medium to share her love of crochet."Impassioned about the art of crochet", Kathryn's shares her own crochet adventures, and gives readers a look into crochet history, fashion, art, news and more."

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

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