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white peacock

Contributed by Keri Potter

Is this bird telling the others to back off?

Contributed by Keri Potter

Japanese Nightingale

Contributed by Keri Potter

I saw this and I thought it was a good reference (with a small sense of humor embedded in it).

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

This video shows how to attract hummingbirds naturally, and by feeder.

Contributed by Cheyenne Carter

This video demonstrates how to set up a bluebird trail.

Contributed by Cheyenne Carter

This video shows an Eastern Bluebird call, and explains some of bluebird behaviors.

Contributed by Cheyenne Carter

This website is an organization that promotes the conservation of bluebirds, and other captivity nesting birds. They have a grant application for people looking to start a bluebird trail or anyone starting a project that encourages the conservation of bluebirds. This organization is affiliated with the North American Bluebird Society.

Contributed by Cheyenne Carter

These Birds of Paradise have undergone specific sexual selection, giving them unique color patterns and orientations of feathers and mating rituals, in order to seduce females into the creation of offspring. To witness these males in action is amazing!

Contributed by Mychol T. Styles

Birds such as the Buddgie are loving and caring. They need love, water, food, and shelter in order to survive. They make wonderful pets if you are trying to find animal.

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete