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Big Bang Leftovers

A percentage of the TV static you see on "dead" TV stations is actually leftover radiation from the big bang. So, when you see this static, you're seeing residual effects of the Universe's creation. Pretty cool, huh?

Contributed by Kristina Manning

There are many misconceptions about the big bang theory. Most come from the name itself. The entire universe used to be compressed in a smaller space, however it was not at one point. This video clarifies that and a few other misconceptions regarding the Big Bang Theory.

Contributed by Vicente Maximiliano Iñiguez III

A quick video on how the Big Theory works

Contributed by Jackie Fernandez


My interest in how the universe began came when I took an astronomy class at Indiana University Northwest. Thanks Mr. Ciupik!

Contributed by John Lewis Davis

So you know a bit about the Big Bang theory. Not the show of course, but the actual scientific model which explains how the universe was created (expanded from a single point billions of years ago). But did you know you could see or hear it everyday? This video shows you how

Contributed by Aby Rodriguez

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