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Bhutanese refugees

Bhutanese refugees are Lhotshampas ("southerners"), a group of Nepali language-speaking Bhutanese people, including the Kirat, Tamang, Magar, Brahman, Chhetri and Gurung peoples. These refugees registered in refugee camps in eastern Nepal during the 1990s as Bhutanese citizens deported from Bhutan during the ethnic cleansing carried out by King Jigme Singye Wangchuk of Bhutan. As Nepal and Bhutan have yet to implement any agreement on repatriation, many Bhutanese refugees have since resettled to North America, Oceania and Europe under the auspices of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Many Lhotshampa also migrated to areas of West Bengal and Assam in India independently of the UNHCR.

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Hi My name is Yadhu Dhital. I am currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a junior student in the University of Pittsburgh. This is the trailer of the documentary video that we (Bhutanese Students Group in Pittsburgh) made last summer. I myself is an editor of the documentary . This video(trailer) briefly explains the journey of southern Bhutanese (Lothanpas). The documentary begins with the history of Southern Bhutanese. It also presents the conflict in Bhutan; racial discrimination, political, and cultural issues. In this documentary, we included the history, present, and possible future of Bhutanese Refugee. However, Bhutanese Refugee still exist in the Eastern part of Nepal, more than 60,000 Bhutanese Refugee already resettled in different European and North American countries. In 2008, the United States alone offered 60,000 Bhutanese Refugee to resettle in the country. Even you have realized or not, you may already encountered with many Bhutanese refugees in your state, city or neighborhood. Pittsburgh hosts the thousands of Bhutanese Refugees. We have big community in Pittsburgh, and other Bhutanese are still in the process to arrive here. This trailer also shows how Bhutanese Refugees are living in the United States. Have you ever met any Bhutanese Refugee in your location? Have you ever heard about them? From your prospective, how you define Refugee life?

Contributed by Yadhu Dhital

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