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Friends for life

True friends

Contributed by Jamie Bollman

She finna, OHH go best friend , that's my best friend , that's my best friend YASS

Contributed by Kristen Danvers

Sure, it's nice to have someone who will be your shopping buddy, or someone who will bring out the best in you at parties, but that's not all a best friend does. A best friend is someone you can trust all of your emotional baggage with. They help you get through rough times, and you would do the same for them. Heck, you'd take a bullet for them. Because they are more than just a friend to you. Your best friend is your family.

Contributed by Rachel M. Weiner

Best friends forever

True friends ?

Contributed by Kindle Rickman

Life is better when you find "your person".

Contributed by Lois Shih

Friends who laugh together stay together

My bestfriends and I end up laughing so hard we cry every time we're together! I always know I'm going to have fun when I spend time with them. Just thinking about spending time with my best friends makes me smile!

Contributed by Abigail Haberski

Best Friends

I don't know what I would do without her! She is more than just a friend. She is my BEST friend. :) Thank you Maressa!

Contributed by Kasey Lauren Webster

I don't know what I would do without my bestfriend!!

Contributed by Paris Trivette

Pretty much

Contributed by Ashley Santos