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BeBionic is a commercial prosthetic hand designed to enable amputees to perform everyday activities, such as eating, drinking, writing, typing, turning a key in a lock and picking up small objects.

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The BeBionic3 hand, in contrast, has different motors for each finger, allowing them to articulate separately to get a combination of strength and grip. Inside the prosthesis is a small amp that picks up the minute myoelectric signal produced by human muscles. The signal is then amplified and tells the hand whether to open or close. When Ackland tenses the outer muscle on his arm, the hand will open. If he tenses the other, it will close. Tensing both muscles together switches between controlling the hand and spinning the wrist. Because the strength of the user firing their muscles determines the strength of the grip, someone outfitted with the device can gently clutch a egg, grasp a tool, or shake a hand.

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