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Simply loving plants

Recently, I had the delightful enlightenment of realizing the pleasant beauty of nature. I believe we all should begin to look at nature in more perspectives and capturing it, as well as taking care of it

Contributed by Julia Nguyen

Simple yet effective tips for every girl.

Contributed by Sara Tangren

Whether you believe in the use of make up or not, beauty is not only presented from your makeup. Everyone is beautiful in their own way but is that really true? This is a funny way to trick people into thinking you're really good looking! Check it out!

Contributed by Megan Barnes

A woman sent her photo to 25 different countries and asked them to photoshop it to make her beautiful. The project brings light to the fact that beauty varies by person and culture.

Contributed by Le Hoang

Beauty is what happens when you finally find out who you are, and what you are capable of. Beauty, unlike what most think, is found in the inside, in your personality, actions, and words.

Contributed by Kailee Patterson

A beautiful and true video. It makes you think about the beauty of every day. "Change your words Change your world."

Contributed by Emily Stevenson

In today's world, woman are judged on every level based on beauty. One should not make their decisions based on BEAUTY, but based on what is on the inside. It seems to me that men go towards women who are beautiful even though the majority of them are bitter, mean, unhappy, rude, etc. on the inside. Just because some women are not beautiful, does not mean that they are not kind, sweet, happy nice, etc. on the inside.

Contributed by Victoria Lea Moser

Women are the most beautiful things on this earth.

Contributed by Maria Post

There are two sides to this story. Which side are you on? Which side do you belong on? Reflect.

Contributed by Myra Jackson

Please watch...very inspirational!

Contributed by Amanda Slater