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How To Get The Best Brows For Your Face #Beauty 1. Begin shaping after a shower Since heat helps to open the hair follicle, making plucking an easier, less painful experience. 2. Buy good tweezers. Look for a pair with slanted ends designed to grab onto hair at the roots but not pinch your skin. MORE STEPS AT :

Contributed by Lego Lego


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Inner beauty can be achieved no matter how much money you want to spend on make up!

Contributed by Audrey Woodworth

Just because we are more than one race doesn't make us any different then a purebred raced woman. Its our hearts that makes us beautiful. However, because we are mixed raced we have some traits that just makes us more attractive than most or less attractive than some, so therefore we get the best and worst of both worlds.

Contributed by Mikia Kia KiKi

Ugly personality

Photoshop cannot make a mean person nice!!

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

Media killed beauty

Photoshop! Anorexia!

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

The Dangers of Common Beauty Products

Are they really worth it?

Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi

South Korean Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become extremely common in South Korea. Many people feel like they must have plastic surgery in order to be beautiful. Many girls receive double eye lid surgery as graduation presents. Is plastic surgery really giving people beauty, or is it giving people a look of conformity?

Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi


What then is the value of beauty?

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

What does the outside even mean?

What does your face and body mean, when they rarely reflect anything on the inside... unless you dress like a punk-rocker and you are anti-establishment. Your appearance is something of an accident. And it fade quickly like the mind in a car crash.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

Acne Tips

Found this on my twitter feed though I would share it. It seems like it would help!

Contributed by Matt Shoda

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