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Batman is simply the best.

Contributed by Sarah Hamatake

What is it about Batman, and so many other superheros, that has captured our attention for so many generations?

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Batman Street Art. I can't imagine how much work this takes to create.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

I have heard some people say that Batman isn't a super hero because he has no powers, but I think that is what makes him so amazing. Apart from being a billionaire, he is just like any other man. It kinda give you hope that there could be a superhero in the world. Or that you could grow up to be one.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

This compilation highlights Batman's best moments in the DCAU (DC Animated Universe). This is only the first of several videos by this uploader so be sure to check the others out as well.

Contributed by Ryan Harmon

I was Harley Quinn for Halloween :D

Contributed by Bethany Hawe